Target market of air asia

Modelled aftaer Virgin Money, it comprises life, home and motor vehicle insurance as well as prepaid cards. Advertisements 1 Brief introduction of the company Officially named AirAsia Berhad, the company is a Malaysian-based low-cost airline founded in Generally, business customers make an organization-wide decision as to the choice of airline, rather than the individual traveler being involved in the purchase decision.

AirAsia believes in the no-frills, hassle-free, low fare business concept and feels that keeping costs low requires high efficiency in every part of the business. The strategic plan of a company will indicate where the organization is going and how different functions fit into the plan.

According to Sternas cited in Park,most air passengers are receptive to airline ticket prices, hence airlines employ pricing strategies to differentiate market segments based on demand elasticities.

With CRM, company manages to commence various loyalty programs to reward the identified loyal customers. Statistics have indicated that consumers have increased their expenditure in air travel due to the availability of more affordable domestic and regional flights from LCCs Consumer Lifestyles — Malaysia, As for tour packages and ground arrangements, AirAsia should form collaboration with local partners, for example Reliance and Berjaya Holidays.

These are low-cost airlines and they have to communicate on that. Competitive Landscape The majority of players in the global air conditioning systems market are focusing towards integrating products in order to expand their customer outreach.

However, this has not dampened but instead increased the frequency of consumers to travel domestically or internationally on LCCs Airline Passenger Traffic — Malaysia, ; Airline Passenger Traffic — Asia Pacific, The industry is operating scheduled domestic as well as international flight and known as the largest low-fare in Asia.

Tourism Marketing: the Example of AirAsia

AirAsia is now well-known and recognized as a low-cost airline. The North America air conditioning systems market is also a strong contender and inthe U. Some may travel for business, but the majority will travel for personal reasons, such as holidays and visiting family.

Market segmentation example for airlines

Failing to understand these factors will lead to customers shifting towards competing airlines. Given their need to travel almost immediately, they are more concerned flight availability and destination requirements, rather than any consideration of price or airline brand.

Safety is the most important objective as both the company and consumers are affected by it as indicated in Table 1. Currently, AirAsia is only targeting three segments which are low-income leisure travellers, middle-income leisure travellers and middle-income business travellers.

Loyal to loyalty The second market segment of airline consumers are also quite regular airline travelers.

Air Conditioning Systems Market

These factors contribute to company long term profitability. Identifying Your Target Market. Posted By vectairsystems Wednesday, 3rd February, Choosing the right target market. So you have developed an air freshener for example, that you think is unique and truly cutting edge.

Who though, are you targeting?

Identifying Your Target Market

Retail, commercial, ’s, males, females? 13 Target Market Profile Once the market has been segmented, the organisation can analyse, evaluate and prioritise which segment to pursue (Duncan, ).

There are three different target markets which AirAsia are targeted. CRM recognized and analyzed the buying pattern of the customers. and partnering with selective customer to CRM in Air Asia helps the company to target market.

In addition. This could convenient the customers in gather information for their decision making.

Market segmentation example for airlines

transportation. hospitality.5/5(2). Malindo Air, which identifies itself as a ‘hybrid airline’ in that it provides customers with full-service airline offerings at low-cost prices, is said to heat up competition with Air Asia.

Company Analysis I. Segmentation AirAsia target market segment consist of three different but overlapping segments that were segmented according to Geographic Segmentation, Demographic Segmentation and Psychographic Segmentation.

AirAsia is targets mainly the Asian market, hence the name AirAsia. Air Asia should improve their service to. This is an ideal target market for airlines, as they provide a long-term customer base. Of course, the difficulty with this market segment is attracting them in the first place they are far less willing to switch between airline brands.

Target market of air asia
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